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Metal Detectors in a Nutshell

Beep, goes the detector! And depending on what it has found -- treasure or trash -- the beep is high or low. Whatever it is, we're having fun. Going outdoors hunting for metals sometimes makes us feel like we are in an Indiana Jones movie. Most of it is because we believe we have the best metal detector in our hand. Having the right tool alters the experience in a significant way after all. For starters, there are inexpensive models that cater to first-time users and kids alike. There are also units that fit the needs of the mid- to high-level users. The more popular systems of metal detecting are the following: beat frequency oscillation; very low frequency; and pulse induction. You can also choose based on your target location, as there are overall waterproof versions for treasure diving and water-resistant coils only for stints at the beach or the riverbank. From Walmart to Amazon, there are many shops both offline and online where you can buy one.

The Benefits

Mucking around during summer is an interesting prospect for some. For others, digging for relics from another time is a way of life. If you are a serious hobbyist or looking to be one, there is a type of metal detector for you. The most important benefit that can be derived from this hobby may be different per individual. But we will try to sum it up in two. One would be the physical, emotional, and mental benefits. Going out there, mapping out an area to determine where to hunt, and working for hours or days on end are challenging for some. And if you love a good challenge, this will keep you on your toes. To do is already a great source of happiness, even if you don't end up with artifacts. Another is the financial and psychological rewards to be gained from finding valuable objects underground.

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The Considerations

There are factors you need to know before you buy a metal detector. Get familiar with terms like discrimination, ground balance, notch, and digital target ID. We explain these further in our blog posts. If you are a first-time buyer, we encourage you to get a working definition of these terms in your head. These will be useful when you are reading reviews or chatting up a salesperson when you go shopping for a metal detector. The size and weight of a metal detector can also affect your hunting experience. If your hands tend to tire easily, look for a lightweight model. Now, as a beginner, you can take on an entry-level machine. But if you are considering gold prospecting, you can opt for a specialized unit made for detecting gold nuggets across different landscapes. Also take note of the difference between waterproof, submersible coils (main part only) and waterproof detectors (whole device).

Get to Know Us

As writers behind this blog, we are pleased to welcome you. Let us also introduce ourselves to you. We are two metal detecting hobbyists who have known each other for several years. It is our hope that we help others like us to get the best out of this pursuit. Our main drive is to bring you the best products on the market -- from entry-level to specialized ones. Yet, we also want to give context to these lists, so we give you background pieces on the niche. Some of our reviews are based on our personal experiences. We are also part of organizations and circles focused on making their members better at metal detecting. We try to share here some of our learnings from those places. At the same time, we rely on the experiences of others like us. We will discuss our methodology in detail in the next section.

How We Can Help You

As promised, we will paint you a picture of how we come up with our posts. We have our experiences as the baseline. Then we brainstorm to decide on the topics we share on the site. We do further research on products, accommodating and assessing reviews from other legitimate users on the internet. Our goal is to collate all these pieces of information and some of the main points for you. We value your time. And we understand that our readers do not have to deal with unnecessary details that most online articles have. We cut down to the chase. So, if you are into metal detecting, we hope you consider us as partners in the journey. If you are a beginner, take your baby steps with us. Browse through our individual posts for tips and tricks on getting started. If you are a veteran, let us know in the comments if we missed anything. Happy reading!