Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector Review

Fitting your budget and hunting needs, the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector is the ultimate tool for beginners.

Pro for Beginners

Your choice of metal detector plays a huge role in the progress of your pursuit. The brand and product matter just as much as your budget preference. When it comes to this hobby, you should only hunt for the tried-and-tested tool. But fret not, since you have already come to the right place.

This article reviews a product from one of the well-known brands in the industry. Bounty Hunter, under the respected Teknetics name, has built its reputation by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. One of these is the Lone Star Pro, a metal detector with a promise of turning beginners into pros.

There are so many options on the market that you might get or have gotten overwhelmed already. Just chill and read on, as we aim to help you simplify your research. Check out this trusted buddy, know the advantages of owning it, and learn more about treasure hunting before you venture out.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector

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  • With minimum effort, you will be able to learn how to use the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector.
  • Pros would love the high-end features that it carries, chief of which are the Sensitivity Bar Graph and Multiple Notch Window.
  • It can detect coins up to 8 inches deep and large objects up to 2 feet, with a target depth indicator to boot.


  • Because it comes at a low cost and usually with a discount, it tends to be bought off the shelf fast.
  • It is only able to display single-digit target ID, so you have to rely on other high-end features to detect accurately.

Features & Benefits

Ease of Use

Just like with any individual who is trying out a sport or a hobby, the tool is an important consideration. With many options on the market, you would want to narrow down your search and not be stricken by buyer's regret afterward. So you must know what the qualities of a good beginner's tool are. And just like with any hobby, the metal detector should be easy to use. The learning curve should be smooth. And it should give you a good mix of enjoyment and enrichment. These and more match the qualities of this bad boy from Bounty Hunter.

The Lone Star Pro is a mid-range machine packed with high-end features that beginners can familiarize themselves with. Those who have no prior knowledge in metal detecting will find this device a breeze to work with. Assembly is also fairly easy. Only minimum effort is needed to study and understand it. As a part of the Bounty Hunter Pro Series, the Lone Star Pro is the most basic. Getting started by learning how to use this unit is not an unexciting proposition. Reading the manual and spending time to test it out are just where the fun begins.

Sensitivity Bar Graph & Multiple Notch Window

The Sensitivity Bar Graph indicates sensitivity setting. To understand how this function works, you should liken it to the accelerator. It is not advisable to always put it at full throttle. Sensitivity at its max level does not mean it is going to give the best results. You have to adjust it according to certain conditions in the area. Among these are heavy ground mineralization and nearby power lines. The sensitivity in the Lone Star Pro can be adjusted so you can appropriate it to the situation. This enables you to be aware of the surroundings and how you can leverage that knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Multiple Notching System is another great feature that can be found in the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro metal detector. The multiple notching window allows you to reject entire categories of unwanted targets. This saves you time while sweeping along an area. You can avoid trash and go for the treasure. The more time you spend outside, the better you get acquainted with the various signals. Then you can adjust the notch according to your preferences as you go. The settings can be changed with a touch of a button on the device's digital display. No fuss!

Good Depth for Coins & Large Items

The metal detector also gets you good depth. It has a graphic target depth indicator, letting you know how deep a buried object is. This information aids you in digging, as you won't have to guess. You can also avoid damaging the item while going at it. The Lone Star Pro can detect coins up to 8 inches deep and large objects up to 2 feet. With this capacity you can start testing out in the backyard before you venture out into the park or woods. Make sure you ask for permission from the owners before hunting in the premises.

In addition, it aids you via single-digit target ID. There are 9 categories to check out and choose from. Beginners rely on this feature since it lets them know what type of metal they have stumbled upon. This is further enhanced by the 3-tone mode and full discrimination control present in the machine. With the Lone Star Pro, you receive a fast and accurate target response. Indeed, it is a mid-range tool packed with a lot of advanced powers that newbies can work with. With this great performance, it does not disappoint users striving to upgrade their skills in treasure hunting.

Low Price, High Quality

While this is packaged as a mid-range model, its pricing falls under the entry level category. Because of this low cost, it is also popular among newbie buyers. It often comes with a discount, so once you have made up your mind about this product, you have to grab the chance on online sites. Alongside the price and the high-end features, there are also design details that make the Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro a worthwhile investment. It comes with an 8-inch waterproof search coil. And it is pretty much lightweight and portable at 2.4 pounds.

This metal detector also boasts a comfortable design. It sports a padded armrest and a ground stand. Its length is adjustable to fit all heights and ages. If you are a 6-foot-tall guy, then you can enjoy this. If you are a woman who is more or less this height, likewise. At the same time, you can have the kids lug it around and look for coins in the backyard. There are so many ways the Lone Star Pro can help you jumpstart your metal detecting stint. And as this durable detectorist's buddy delivers on its promise, you'll find more and more to appreciate about it.



The Lone Star Pro Metal Detector is a mid-range tool from one of the reputable brands in the business. Crafted by Bounty Hunter, the sister company of Teknetics, it packs some high-end features in this product. Among these are the features called Sensitivity Bar Graph and Multiple Notch Window, which help newbies ignore unwanted objects by adjusting the categories. Expect to receive a fast and accurate target response, thanks also to its full discrimination control and 9-target ID system. The depth indicator display lets you know how far down you have to dig a buried item.

While these features sound like alienspeak, you can rest assured that they are easy to learn. Together with the manual, you can study the device itself to understand how you can make the settings work for you. Anyone with quite a long experience in the hobby can attest to practicing and testing as effective methods to becoming better. And the Lone Star Pro Metal Detector can be your trusty companion in the process. For its affordability and functionality, it already rivals some more expensive and sophisticated models. But its main appeal lies in its ability to make a pro out of beginners like you.

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