Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Metal Detector + Pin Pointer Review

If you are looking for a metal detector for beginners, check out this review of the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer.

An Automatic Metal Detector for Beginners

Whether you are starting out or teaching your kid the joys of treasure hunting, Bounty Hunter has a metal detector that matches your needs. Specifically, it has the QSIGWP Quick Silver model. It is recommended for beginners because of its basic features and qualities that cater to first-time and even younger users.

The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer is an automatic model. Simple and straightforward, this machine dishes out controls that are quick to understand. It is also lightweight, so you will be able to enjoy your first hunting experience, whether or not you do find an object of value. Durability is also an essential part of this product’s design.

Over time, Bounty Hunter has added the pinpoint mode and ground balance. To save you time during the hunt, its Squelch-Tech helps eliminate false signals. Its preset ground balance neutralizes response to the soil’s mineral content, differentiating smaller targets from the minerals. It has target ID options for you to choose from. Further down, we’ll dig into these features in detail. Keep on reading.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP

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  • The Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver metal detector eliminates false signals through the Squelch-Tech, saving you time during the hunt.
  • An automatic metal detector, it sports a 4-segment digital target identification and 3-tone audio feedback for accurate and easy identification of buried objects.
  • Its preset ground balance neutralizes the machine’s response to the soil’s mineral content, allowing smaller targets to override the signals produced by the minerals.


  • Good for beginners, the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver has features that can still be very much improved such as discrimination.
  • Kid-friendly, this item is ideal for initiating your children into metal detecting -- though this can turn off adults who might view it as a toy.

Features & Benefits

Preset Ground Balance

For those who are encountering the term for the first time, ground balance has something to do with the amount of minerals found in the soil. Mineral content, of course, varies from location to location. Iron is one of the more common examples. Ground balance is a function of metal detectors wherein it can be set to ignore the minerals present in the soil. Without this function, smaller targets will not be able to override the signals coming from minerals underground. In turn, you will miss out on these targets especially in a highly-concentrated area. Good thing the Quick Silver has a preset ground balance to boot.

There are several types of ground balance, depending on the manufacturers or models. Bounty Hunter has preset the function in the Quick Silver. This means that you, the user, will not be able to adjust ground balance anymore. The other types are auto ground balance, manual ground balance, and a combination of present and manual ground balance. The advantage with the preset mode is that it can work over a wide sampling of soils without any issues. The detector can cover various degrees of mineralization, from high to none. There is, however, a limitation. If the ground has higher or lower mineralization than the set degrees, the device might not have a margin of error in place.


In metal detecting, false signals are typical occurrences. These are often called phantom signals as they are not what they appear to be. For instance, as we mentioned above, minerals such as iron can create white noise. Your device can also pick up signals from hematite, magnetite, or steel. Chemicals can also get absorbed by tree roots, causing the latter to conduct electricity. So what you might be thinking as a coin or a piece of jewelry can just be a tangly root of an old, old tree. If you are following, this situation can cause a great deal of stress, especially for beginners.

In comes the Squelch-Tech. Thanks to this feature, you can save time -- and possibly avoid stressful situations. It eliminates false signals that come from minerals, hot rocks, and even tree roots. You can home in on the spot and dig right into the treasure in no time. With the use of the pinpointer, you can prevent your shovel from damaging the object. To enhance your experience, make sure that if you are hunting with family or friends, their machine is not interfering with yours. You can also test it out in your yard after delivery. Many users have reported quick finds such as coins, nails, spent 9mm brass casings, and even an old copper sleigh bell.

Different Levels of Depth

When it comes to depth, a slew of factors must be considered to gauge a detector’s performance. It’s not always easy. Soil composition affects performance as much as the size and shape of coil do. We can put the ideal depth at 10" for any standard detector. It would also help to know that entry-level machines reaching 6" to 8" are in a good range. That said, you should aim for these levels when looking for a startup unit. Users of the Bounty Hunter QSIGWP Quick Silver have reported levels that vary, starting at 6" going all the way up to 10".

Those who have seen it go all the way up (down?) to 10" say that the Quick Silver has good tones to distinguish the distances. With the one-touch depth control, it is even easier to manage depth. The manufacturer’s published figures are 8" for coin-size objects and 3" for large ones. The larger the coil of the metal detector, the greater it can give you depth of field. Having said that, the search coil (and do take note that it is only the search coil that) is waterproof. You can let your kids try the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver for trial hunts then, be it in the backyard or at the beach.

Easy-view Lcd Display and Pinpointer

The Quick Silver combines form and functionality. Beginners will feel at ease using it for the first time. This is in part thanks to the easy-view LCD display, which gives you the 4-segment digital target identification. It comes with a 3-tone audio feedback. Together, they provide you an accurate identification of buried objects. You will know if it is a copper penny or a zinc penny. If it’s something valuable, you’ll get a high pitch. A junk yields that low grunt (like that of dissatisfaction). Some users have shared how using headphones enhanced their identification experience. The device has a jack for their purpose.

In addition, you can enjoy other features on the LCD display. You have the low battery indicator and the visual LCD status indicators. You also get a padded armrest and a cushioned handgrip, so you won’t feel tired easily. These features also contribute to the machine’s durability. Packed with all these essentials, the Quick Silver still proves to be one of the lightest models in the market at 2.8 lbs. Last but not the least, it arrives at your door with a trusty pinpointer. Branded as Pin Pointer, it sports a single knob control, adjustable sensitivity, and an audio signal and vibration signal indicator.



A metal detector for beginners, the QSIGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector with Pin Pointer is another reliable product from Bounty Hunter. This model carries the most basic features. It is simple and straightforward even your kid can handle it. But more than a toy, it is a standard device that you can use while you are starting out and, yes, while you are passing on the baton to your children. At 2.8 lbs, it is also one of the lightest machines that can be found in the market. No need to worry about getting tired at once then. It also comes with a padded armrest and a cushioned handgrip.

The Quick Silver is a product that pays for itself. Try testing it out in the backyard, and you might be surprised with the finds you will be bringing back into the house. Some of its basic features are the Squelch-Tech, which eliminates false signals; preset ground balance, which ignores minerals in the soil; and the 3-tone audio feedback, which distinguished tones at varying distances. All of these work together to help you avoid junk, save time, and enjoy digging. The unit comes with a pinpointer that decreases the chances of you damaging the buried object as you unearth it.

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