Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Review

Known as the serious hobbyist’s machine of choice, the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector is well-suited for beginners and pros alike.

Introducing the Ace 250

Banking on the reputation for excellence of its maker, Garrett, the Ace 250 Metal Detector has the attention of beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. A popular choice, this product does not disappoint performance-wise. And it belongs to the ACE series, which is no less than an innovative line from Garrett.

We have taken out the Ace 250 to a lot of hunts, and we have yet to find a reason to retire it. It remains one of the trusty starter tools out there. Packed with features that are leading edge and well thought out, this device does the job like a veteran.

In this review, we strive to share with you important details about the Ace 250. Based on our experience and the collective wisdom of legit online consumers, we offer you our recommendation. We aim to balance it with facts that can make or break your decision, such as functionality and price. Dig in and enjoy!

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

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  • With a rugged design, the Ace 250 boasts custom notch discrimination, pinpointing, adjustable sensitivity, and depth settings like its fellow models in the series.
  • It impresses by adding the performance coils series, the 6.5x9" ACE coil, which detects easily at 6" to 8", even deeper in optimal conditions.
  • You know this beginner-friendly machine means business as it can identify metals such as iron, nickel, copper, aluminum, silver, and gold.


  • It takes getting acquainted to, so you need to really bury your head into the instruction book that came with it.
  • Beginners need to spend time learning how to get familiar with and adjust the sensitivity setting so as not to pick up trash.

Features & Benefits

Custom Notch Discrimination, Pinpointing, Adjustable Sensitivity, and Depth Settings

Expect full functionality from Garrett Ace 250. Crafted with the serious yet new hobbyists in mind, it sports all the essential settings that make or break a hunt. First, it boasts custom discrimination. This simply means that you can manually select the target range for your tool. You will be moving the discrimination up and down, in turn creating a notch window. So think about working with a certain width. You can choose to accept a notch, which refers to accepting a target range, including say coins and gold pieces. You can also reject a notch, which refers to rejecting a target range, including say pull tabs.

Further, you can adjust sensitivity to match the soil and nearby conditions in the area where you’re working. You can decrease this setting when the ground has high mineralization. This is because the minerals in the soil may trigger false signals or white noise, causing your device to beep like crazy. Do the same when you see nearby power transformers or radio stations. The Ace 250 is also great at telling you what metal and depth you’re going to deal with. Add the electronic pinpoint feature that can gauge coin depth, making it easier for you to retrieve the target object.

Large 10" Scan Area & Performance Coil Series

This is another piece of evidence showing how cool the Garrett Ace 250 is. It dishes out a large scan feature, spanning 10". This enables you to do a quick and accurate scan of the area. In addition, you can rely on the machine to scan a large object without difficulties. Targets with a large surface area can be detected by a capable device. Aside from this, the Ace 250 is also useful for detecting irregularly-shaped objects. This sounds like receiving a gift to someone who is new to hunting and digging. Imagine all the interesting finds you can get.

Not only that, Garrett also added the 6.5x9" ACE coil, which is a part of the performance coil series present in the ACE line. The waterproof coil is long enough to detect deeper. It has a perfect pinpointing tone that informs you where the exact center of a circle is. What a nifty tool it is! Neatly you can work your way deeper, between 8" and 12*. And the materials range from pennies to foil to lost jewelry. It is definitely a trusty buddy for those who are starting out, in that it enhances the experience through its high-quality performance.

Aggressive Design

This model has worked its charms among customers. It is one of the most popular products in the series. Like the others, it has an aggressive, rugged design. This bad boy is indeed made for the outdoors. At 4.5 lbs, it is lightweight, easy to assemble and manage, and even sophisticated. If metal detectors were judged only by their good looks, this one would be a tough contender. It is a relief to know that Ace 250 achieves the balance between functionality and form. See how the display simply fits into the detector’s anatomy. The armrest also looks comfy and cool.

Keeping it in tip-top shape will not take too much fuss. From the armrest to the coil, the machine looks sturdy and durable. Investing in this entry-level device will be one of the earliest smartest things to do as an enthusiast. Even if you are not a hardcore hobbyist, you can store and retrieve this to serve your purposes. You can just pick it up again and use it like it’s new. This revamped version is more sensitive than the previous one. This spells out a more engaging, productive, and fulfilling treasure hunt for you -- and your kids, if you want to share with them the fun.

Advanced Technology at Entry-level Price

The Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector is considered an entry-level gadget. It falls within the price range that is still considered entry-level. And this is good news for you. The price range where this product sits, is sensible for those who are starting out. It can still be considered as safe in case you decide that treasure hunting is not for you. The price of a reliable and high-quality machine like the Ace 250 has a low depreciation rate. You will still be able to sell it near the original price, should you have to go this route. It’s a win-win situation, really.

Just what are the desirable features of Ace 250 that we have not mentioned yet? Here’s one: the graphic target ID. And have we said that the notch discrimination has 12 elements? That really is handy-dandy when you’re aiming for greater accuracy. The Ace 250 features the Touch-N-Go Technology for your comfort and convenience. It has a headphone jack that augments the audio experience. Pro tip: turn off the machine while you are digging to save on battery. Its tones are a godsend when it comes to differentiating metals. This is by far finishing on the top of our list of beginner-friendly metal detectors.



If you love learning new things, you might want to engage in metal detecting. And for a newbie like you, what a better way to get acquainted with this hobby than to use the Garrett Ace 250. This is an affordable and excellent model that comes from the reputable ACE series. This impresses with custom notch discrimination, pinpointing, adjustable sensitivity, and depth settings. Garrett, a trusted name in the industry, added the large 10" scan area feature and the 6.5x9" ACE coil from the performance coil series. These functions increase accuracy and your chances of finding targets, from coins to jewelry.

Your initiation to the world of treasure hunting will become memorable, thanks to the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector. Affordable and fully reliable, it is indeed the beginner’s machine of choice. Aggressive and rugged, its design is definitely made for the outdoors. If you want to invest wisely into this hobby, this product is one that fits the bill. You get a trusty unit at an entry-level price. Aside from all the buried objects and depth it will get you, expect that your fix for a cool and kickass gadget will be met by the Ace 250. So, what are you waiting for?

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