What To Get: A Guide to Selecting A Hand-held Metal Detector

Given the many options on the market, choosing a handheld metal detector for beginners can be confusing -- so we made it less so.

Straight to the Facts

The first thing to ask yourself is what do you need a handheld metal detector for. Treasure hunting and screening for security purposes are two common uses of the product. Just by being clear about what to do with it helps you narrow down choices. Plus, it lets you focus on the most important factors alone. In this review, we will zoom in on general security. The ones on our list aid workers involved in detecting hidden metals, such as crowd control, airport and border checks, and parcel scrutiny. We tested them out to ensure the performance of each is not compromised.

Out of the many options, we already hand-selected the top 7 models for you. Throughout the article, we will also share about the importance of features such as sensitivity and range of metals a unit can detect. We will look at what each hand-held metal detector can accomplish, you will know if it matches your needs. As such, you need to know the various types of weapons that pose threats. We encourage you to exercise your best judgment in selecting a device. Together with the walk-through, this is your first line of defense against potential threats. So consider not only the price but also the performance.

This orange pinpointing metal detector from trusted brand Garrett will make your daydreams come true. It is fully waterproof at up to 10 feet deep. And the sunny color adds visibility when the device is submerged in water. Before diving in, you can choose one from three options to adjust the sensitivity settings. But wait, you might be thinking, 'How about security'¯ We have not forgotten our main purpose for sure. We just thought that enumerating what it can do as a metal detector would be helpful for those who want to try it for another reason. The fast retune feature will definitely allow you to narrow the detection field. Just pick the tune you need from the selection, and you're good to go.

This function enables you to detect larger objects. You can test it out in scanning for hidden weapons and small metal objects. It is a snap to use, an ideal unit for beginners. You just have to familiarize yourself with the settings. The Pro Pointer, a name this product goes by, makes it easier for you to search people or properties. Oh, and it also sports a 360-degree side-scanning, scraping blade. Once more, Garrett has given us a gadget with superior quality and a decent price. Whatever your purpose is, security or treasure hunting, this tool will be a reliable companion for it. Consumers have attested to its performance, saying it goes ahead of competition by leaps and bounds. We certainly cannot agree more.

This Vibra-King metal detector is packed with power and functionality, we don't know where to begin. So let's just touch on this handheld device with its benefits in treasure hunting first. With a built-in pinpointer, this product is waterproof so it suits snorkeling, diving, and exploring wet locations such as the beach perfectly. It is also great in freshwater. Go as deep as 100 feet with this gadget. It is everything you need underwater, with its vibration pulses and bright blue light guiding you through. The Pulse Induction (PI) technology makes a darling out of device in any environment. Give us rivers, lakes, mud, sand, and even black sand. While hunting, users sometimes have to adjust the settings for the detector to maximize its potential.

This waterproof handheld metal detector from Vibra-King requires no adjustment of any kind. Well, that is thanks to the self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled circuitry of this machine. It simply works for you so you can enjoy your autonomy in the water. The vibration and blue light become stronger when you get closer to the target. The LED light blinks 6 times before the vibration goes off. This handheld pinpointer also complements a larger detector, which you will need when exploring a larger area. It is priced like standard entry-level detectors are. It belongs to that league, with its exceptional design and performance. Take a chance on it, and it will not let you down. Allow it to handle the seeking while you enjoy executing the hunt.

This metal detector pinpointer from KingDetector is versatile and durable. It boasts depth detection and stability, as well as true target direction. These sound music to the ears of someone who is into metal detecting. However, the KingDetector pinpointer also performs well in security situations. It can detect hidden metals from a certain distance. And if you adjust sensitivity, you will be able to capture sharp and pointy objects, such as pocket knives, which you would not want inside your building or event. While we believe that this product is best in treasure hunting, it also comes handy when you are organizing an activity that requires crowd control and security checks. It is lightweight and easy to use, so you won't get tired carrying it throughout the program.

The KingDetector dual use metal detector pinpointer, as its name suggests, really does both jobs excellently. Further, the unit has a low power consumption record. No need to worry about it switching off while you're in the middle of securing an area. Or who knows, scanning a property to find buried treasure. When it is switched on, you will be notified about a detected metal object through a buzzer or a LED light. And even if you are on a budget, this quality creation guarantees you a sweet deal. This pinpointer especially serves the beginner's needs. Expect your learning curve to be smooth, as the unit is easy to use, carry, and store. Partner this with a good detector if you are into treasure hunting.

Impressive in its ability to detect fast, the Dostyle Super Security Scanner is a high-performance hand held metal detector. It complies with the exact requirements of the security industry when it comes to temperature range detection. This range spans -15 to 65 degrees Celsius. It is able to tell you the size of the metal object via indicator lights. The lights can gradually change from green, a weak signal, to red, a strong signal. They come in 16 pieces. With these visual cues, you can have an idea of what you are dealing with. Choose from two alarm modes, depending on where you are using the device: the audio alarm, represented by a buzzer and a red LED alarm; and the vibration alarm, which is what it is with a red LED alarm as well.

If you are searching for hand held metal detectors for sale at a low cost, look no further. The Dostyle Super Security Scanner comes at a very affordable price. Yet it appears so sturdy and reliable. It boasts sensitivity settings, which you can adjust to detect bulky goods and smaller objects alike. Its high sensitivity enables security personnel to detect a ball 0.97 inches in diameter from 4.72 inches away; a handgun from 7.87 inches away; and a dagger from 9.84 inches. It's trusted by private companies for their events. It is also the handheld metal detector of choice for airports and schools, as well as the police. On the side, it is also great for scanning buried objects in property.

Wait, what? A pinpointer as a metal detector for the security staff? Why not? The Bounty Hunter pinpointer is a reliable tool in any condition related to guarding or uncovering hidden objects that can harm people. Though commonly used as a complement to a metal detector in treasure hunting, it is far from being a substitute. In fact, it can be relied upon to point the exact location of a metallic item. This product can detect ferrous and nonferrous metals. Working as a reactor, it can be handy when your job is to detect dangerous objects and small metal ones. By adjusting its sensitivity knob, you can capture such targets. The unit will vibrate to alert you about its finds.

The Bounty Hunter pinpointer is an effective security tool. It makes your work speedy, as it can eliminate false alarms. At a very low cost, this unit operates without turning into a dud. You can set the sensitivity to low when you don't want it to be going berserk over coins found in somebody's bag. And should you decide to try digging buried objects as well, you can get more value out of this pinpointer. As we mentioned, it is a great accessory, complementing the metal detector (the kind with the coil). It will save you time and energy as it can zoom in on the area where an item can be found. That is more than you can ask for from a tool is so affordable.

Design meets functionality in this metal detector from Pro Detector. Its special construction makes it ultra-sensitive. It can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. When it identifies a metallic item, the alarm beeps (buzzer) or the red light (LED) flashes. You can choose between the buzzer and the LED alarm via a 3-way switch. The middle section is for powering the device on and off. Simple, lightweight, and easy to use, this device can be used in many high-risk areas, such as airports and borders, banks and customs, and prisons. It also serves you well in situations where you need to control the foot traffic, such as sporting events. Likewise, it delivers when it comes to checking the little things like metallic objects in parcels and letters.

This Pro Detector creation makes you a clear winner in terms of price. By getting this, you are getting a device that is affordable, durable, and reliable at the same time. Its streamlined, elegant appearance matches its quality performance. You can depend on it whenever you want to uncover hidden metals and weapons. More importantly, it can detect a 6-inch dagger from a distance of 4.72 inches; a handgun at 3.94 inches; iron nails at 2.96 inches; and clips at 1.18 inches. It also proves to be a trusty companion in treasure hunts. This metal detector is one of the handheld ones that are considered beginner-friendly. It comes with a 9-volt battery that is rechargeable even while it is inside the unit.

This metal detector from UniquExceptional is suggested for security personnel and law enforcement officers. It works well in cases wherein you need to screen a crowd. Perfect for when you hold events at a school or a community. The UniquExceptional metal detector has a large detection area, for faster yet more effective scanning. Depending on the object, it can uncover a handgun from 11 inches away, a pen knife from 6 inches away, and a razor blade from 4 inches away. It is not only highly-sensitive; it also has an adjustable sensitivity so you can customize its threat recognition capacity according to the occasion. It produces a tone or a vibration when it spots something. This is helpful particularly in places where you have to contend with loud noises such as concerts and clubs.

Other areas where you can hand wand people with this buddy are airports, prisons, and schools. Pack a rechargeable 9-volt battery (your choice) to power it for a long time at work. To avoid getting tired or strained while carrying it, sport the hand strap and the holster with belt loop. While security is its foremost purpose, the UniquExceptional metal detector is also useful in fulfilling other tasks. One customer working in a bird sanctuary shared about how this device helps him scan for hooks and metals that birds might have ingested. As this can identify ferrous and non-ferrous metals, it is also ideal for pinpointing the exact location of a buried object. So yes, this one can also be taken out for a day of treasure hunting.


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