The Best 7 Kids Metal Detectors You Should Buy For Your Little Ones

We review seven metal detectors for children.

What You Need To Know

Hunting for buried treasure is a hobby both adults and children will enjoy. This is especially true when the find is something so valuable that the experience of hunting for it becomes a most memorable thing. In order for this to happen, you have to have the right equipment. A pair of good footwear is one thing. But the most important is a device that helps you search for the right kind of metal, that is sensitive enough to detect gold and other valuable metals, and that makes sure to sort out the trash from the treasure. That is why you should have a good metal detector.

Metal detectors for kids are a-plenty these days and there are lots of good models to choose from. As treasure hunters with kids, we find that the models of metal detectors for kids that are around are of generally high quality. These can do the job we want them to do: look for the right kind of metal and provide hours of delight. In fact, treasure hunting is an all-ages activity that makes for memorable experiences. We hope that you will appreciate the information we provide you to make a good choice on which kid's metal detector you will want to buy.

This metal detector for children appears on most lists of the top metal detectors for kids, and with good reason. The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector is a good basic model that offers full features at a reasonable price. While it does not have an LCD screen, it is as close as one can get to the kind of metal detector most professionals use, what with its sound-based detection system. Simply put, if an object is much nearer, the sound the device emits will become louder. There is an adjustable power/sensitivity switch that lets one adjust how sensitive the device's pickup would be without any problems. Moreover, there is another knob that adjusts the eliminator control, useful in distinguishing buried treasure from buried trash.

The device weighs around a pound and a half, which makes it lightweight enough for kids and adults to carry it around. The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector is sensitive enough to pick up a coin at five inches deep and other metal objects up to two feet deep, though as we said earlier it is dependent on a lot of factors, including soil density and object size. It has a battery indicator to show the user when the battery runs low, which is pretty useful in the field when checking whether one has enough power to continue the hunt. We hope that you found this list of metal detectors for children useful. We trust that whatever you choose, it will mean hours of treasure hunting fun.

The T.I.D. in the name of this metal detector for children, the Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector, stands for target identification. This easy-to-master feature comes in three different modes so that children would learn quickly which types of objects are associated with each mode. Each mode displays differently on the device's built-in LCD screen, and each target identification comes with a different tone so that children can pick up on what kind of object may be found. This is a good and easy way to teach children about objects that can be detected by metal detectors, and makes this device something that is easy to use. It can make the treasure hunting experience a very memorable one, once kids figure out that something valuable is underfoot.

Like most metal detectors for children, the Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector has an adjustable coil of up to 6 inches in diameter. Its LCD screen has a graphic depth indicator. This feature shows the user how deep a buried object may be located in the ground. This is useful for those who might be curious how deep to dig to find a desired object, and it may be helpful for children who may not be ready to go that deep for buried treasure. In order to eliminate unwanted targets, the device has an elimination control that, for example, dismisses buried metal trash such as cans and other objects in favor of other metal objects, such as coins, that are of more value.

If you are in the market for a simple, reliable metal detector for children, the Pro Detector MD-1008A Advanced Metal Detector is for you. It is a smaller device than most, stretching out to only around 6 inches with a coil of that diameter. This makes it useful for smaller children who want to try their hand at treasure hunting. Like most kids'metal detectors, the device has two modes: an LCD screen that shows you where an object is potentially buried, and a sound mode that indicates, by alarms and beeps, how near one is to an object that is under the ground. The device relies upon a single nine-volt battery for the user's convenience and runs on a frequency of 55.3 megahertz.

The Pro Detector MD-1008A Advanced Metal Detector has a sensitivity control so you can adjust how sensitive the device is in order for it to pick up coins and other metal objects buried in the ground. Another thing to consider in buying a metal detector for children, such as this one, is to ask what kind of object would kids want to seek out. Younger children may prefer the experience of finding whatever object they seek to be a good thing in itself, thus making the thrill of discovery the goal. However, older children and teens may be more aware of how valuable some objects are compared to others, including rare coins or jewelry. In buying a metal detector, one must be aware of such choices and choose equipment that is sensitive enough to help the search along.

Made of durable plastic and in a green and black color, the Ground EFX MC1 Youth Metal Detector is another standard metal detector for kids you might want to consider. Its design is durable enough to withstand hours of use by children, and has a stem that adjusts from a little over two feet to around three feet in length so that kids tall and short may be able to use it with ease. It can detect coins at a depth of up to five inches and other metal objects at up to 24 inches, or two feet deep, which is good for younger prospectors who do not need to dig too deep to find potential treasure. This is roughly similar to a number of devices of that sort.

One feature of the Ground EFX MC1 Youth Metal Detector we noted was its visual target indicator with battery test. We believe one thing to consider in buying a metal detector for children is whether they are ready to work with the classic sound-based devices that emit beeps and alarms depending on what these detect, or they are more keen on devices that rely on visuals to help them find the metal they are seeking. Each child learns differently. Perhaps it may be easier for them to go visual and then get them used to the classic way of using a metal detector on the ground. This is important because most metal detectors for kids combine both a visual screen feature and the classic sound-based system most professional treasure hunters know how to use.

In the vein of more generic metal detectors for children, the allsun Junior Metal Detector is worth the purchase price if you are in the market for a more affordable model that does the job it is intended to do. It does not take much to power it, which is a good thing: just one nine-volt battery would do. The metal detector is meant to be either a beginner's model for those who are getting the hang of treasure hunting, or is meant to be something for children, which is exactly what the device was designed for. The device, like most metal detectors, has an adjustable stem, so that it can fit treasure hunters of any age or height. This is a good thing in our view.

One thing that the manufacturers of the allsun Junior Metal Detector emphasize is that the detection range is not as fixed or clear-cut as other models. They cite four factors that might prove to be useful in evaluating similar claims from other manufacturers. First is the size of the metal. The second is the metal's purity, whether it is for instance a pure gold coin or a gold alloy. The third is the soil's density, or how thick or thin the soil relatively is. The last one is the way one operates the machine. For example, if the user puts the machine on a very sensitive mode, it would be more likely to pick up something or other. These factors are worth considering as you choose a metal detector for children.

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector is the first of three models we will review from this reputable manufacturer of kids'metal detectors. It has a motion all-metal mode and trash elimination mode to make searches of possible metal and buried treasure more and more accurate, thus enhancing the treasure hunting experience. It can identify coin-sized objects as deep as six feet underground, and larger objects at up to two feet below the soil surface, allowing you to find all sorts of treasure at all sorts of depths. The fun part about searching for treasure with this device, as we road tested it, was finding a ring at around five feet under, which meant getting out the shovel and digging a little too deep!

One feature this device has are a pair of headphones. Sometimes, treasure hunting may be difficult in noisy places such as crowded beaches or streets, where there is a lot of ambient noise that would interfere with a kid's metal detector's sound. There are also times when one would prefer others not to hear the sound of a metal detector alarm going off and causing a stir. Having a pair of headphones on reduces this risk by ensuring that only you can hear the sound of the detector as it goes through the area, carefully searching for metals that may turn out to be valuable, while keeping the trash and other useless objects out of the way. This is a useful accessory for this, or any other metal detector, we would recommend.

This branded metal detector comes from one of the world's most trusted institutions in the field of exploration, so it is no surprise that they would put their name behind something that promises hours of exploration. The National Geographic PRO Series metal detector can detect objects as deep as 10 feet below the ground with its 10-inch waterproof detection coil, which is among the bigger ones in the group we are reviewing. The metal detector for children has three detecting modes and four sensitivity levels so that you have maximum flexibility in how you and your child would hunt for treasure. There is a pinpoint mode so that you would be able to find exactly where buried treasure would be without worrying about digging after false finds.

Because this is indeed an educational tool under the National Geographic brand, one thing we found valuable was the handy educational guide they supplied. Among the information we found was the history of metal detectors, and how these evolved through the years. We also had good tips on treasure hunting, which we followed not only when we used this metal detector for kids but also with the others. Finally, our kids enjoyed finding out how metal detectors work, so they never had a difficult time using this device to search for buried treasure around the yard, or on a recent road trip to the beach. Such a handy educational guide helps parents and children understand how these devices work and make it possible for them to hunt better.


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