Top 7 Metal Detecting Headphones That Will Help Your Ears Find Treasure

We review seven metal detector headphones.

Facts You Must Know

Treasure hunting is a fun hobby, until it is not. This is especially true if you are in a crowded place like a beach or a park where there is plenty of foot traffic and people around. The level of background noise that you will get to hear will be much stronger as your detector's faint sounds become ever fainter. At the same time, those speakers that you have on your metal detector may be draining your metal detector's batteries, giving you less time to prospect. The solution? Get headphones for metal detecting. Most of them have similar features and they are mostly meant to work with some metal detector brands.

As metal detector users who have had experience searching for buried metals or relics underground, we find that having these accessories proves to be most useful as they cancel out background noise, adjust to our hearing capabilities and offer other features that prove to be most useful to treasure hunters everywhere. Most of all, these serve other purposes too especially since most of them come with the standard ?? inch audio jack which can fit most audio devices and smartphones. We hope that the information we provide will give you the best possible choice as to which metal detecting headphones to buy.

Another metal detector headphone in the category of those that work with most brands and models would be these Killer B 1V_KB-II-OPTIMA II Optima Headphones for Metal Detecting. Unlike the other version of these headphones, this device has dual volume controls in order to take into account whether different users hear better in one ear rather than in another. Like other metal detector headphones, it has a switch so that it could trigger either a mono or stereo mode, which as we discussed earlier, makes it flexible for use with different detectors with different sound outputs. There is a 41 position single volume control that allows the user to adjust the headphone volume to pick up different pitches and sound levels metal detectors will emit.

One final consideration to have in choosing headphones such as the Killer B 1V_KB-II-OPTIMA II Optima Headphones for Metal Detecting would be the way they block out outside noise. Background noise can be distracting especially if you are hearing for the faintest pitches or sounds from a metal detector. Sounds such as the wind, running water, or, yes, people talking at the beach are some of the distractions that can keep one from finding treasure. But in some cases, such as being in forested places or habitats of certain noisy creatures, soundproofing may not be that important. Soundproofing is the ideal, however, and we recommend that accordingly. We hope you have been able to glean useful information from this list of the best metal detecting headphones. We wish you happy treasure hunting.

The difference between #4 and the DetectorPro Gray Ghost Deep Woods Metal Detector Headphones which we are reviewing now has to do with where these could be used. The former is meant for use in a beach environment, generally, where the prime consideration is having a pair of waterproof headphones to come with the equipment. The latter are a pair of metal detecting headphones that are meant to be used in the deep woods, where other considerations apply. These include being able to hear for sounds of creatures such as bears or wolves who may be roaming around and whose habitat may be disturbed by treasure hunters. The metal detecting headphones are especially geared toward this environment, with rainproofing and no tangle features included.

Two things make the DetectorPro Gray Ghost Deep Woods Metal Detector Headphones stand out from other metal detecting headphones in this list. One is the jack, which is a bent ¼ inch standard jack rather than the straight one some others have. This allows you to plug in the cord more closely to the device without bending the wiring, thus causing needless damage. The other is the volume control. Unlike other headphones on this list, there is a single volume control that works for both the left and right ear, and features “stay put” segmented click positioning which means that when you adjust the volume, the headphones will stay at the same position without moving during your walk. This allows for more precise control of the volume level.

Inevitably we had to review one of those 'Generic' metal detecting headphones that work for all known models of headphones that come from different manufacturers. One of those that worked well for us would be these Treasure Wise Metal Detecting Headphones that work with brands such as Garrett or Bounty Hunter, or even White's. The headphone has some standard features that are common to most metal detector headphones. For example, it has an adjustable head band so that the headphones would make a smug fit for most users. Another feature would be the dual rotary volume controls so that you could adjust the audio volume in either ear so that users with varying ear sensitivities can pick up different sounds from the detector without any serious difficulty.

One feature of the Treasure Wise Metal Detecting Headphones we had to note is its dual stereo/mono mode. This allows you to be flexible with metal detectors that have different kinds of sound output. Stereo mode works well with detectors whose noise output is such that it can be picked up with both ears, using the stereo sound capabilities to help users gauge direction as well as pitch and volume. Mono mode works well with most other detectors that do not have stereo capability, meaning that the sound will inevitably be monodirectional and come into one ear. One resource we've consulted says this is quite useful because you could listen for other sounds with the other ear. This is another thing to consider when getting metal detector headphones.

We only have one brand of waterproof headphones to review for this list, and the entry here would be the DetectorPro Gray Ghost Metal Detector Headphones that are designed for Garrett's waterproof metal detector models. These metal detecting headphones have a patent pending special piezoelectric system that works well both on land or water so that you can hear the full range of sounds that the metal detector emits without worrying about the dampening effect of silicone that the piezoelectric pickups are often covered with to keep them waterproof. We tried these to the deepest possible depth that the waterproof metal detector could go to search for treasure and we found that these still worked properly. This allows us to recommend the device for certain Garrett metal detectors.

The other features of these metal detector headphones would be those that show a high degree of attention to detail. The manufacturer claims that they go to user forums and other message boards to look for particular concerns regarding Garrett headphones and how to make the experience much better. One notable feature is how there is enough length of straight wire from the connector such that one can easily attach the wire to the clip located beneath a metal detector's arm cuff. Among other things, this feature helps reduce tangles, allows for a more comfortable treasure hunting experience, and lets one worry more about searching for buried finds of some value. This attention to detail is another reason for our strong recommendation for this particular brand.

Another pair of headphones made for the Garrett brand, the Garrett 1612500 Treasure Sound Headphones have washable ear cups. These ear cups make hearing much easier and cancel out background noise which can disturb your treasure hunting. The device has a six foot cord so you do not have to worry about how much length of cord you will need in order to use your metal detector. The headband is wide enough for a snug fit across the head and is adjustable in order to fit all head sizes. Like most of the metal detectors we have reviewed, the cord is the standard quarter inch jack that makes it most useful not only to hear the sounds of metal in the ground but also, with the right device, music.

One other thing to note in choosing headphones such as the Garrett 1612500 Treasure Sound Headphones would be how adjustable the volume is. There are two considerations here: one is whether you can adjust the volume to pick up all the possible sounds within a given range without hurting your ears. This means that you should choose headphones that go from zero volume in one ear to a maximum volume in both so you can pick up faint sounds without difficulty. Another consideration is whether the volume can be adjusted individually for each ear, but we have already talked about this earlier. In any case, choose headphones that allow you to shift volume when needed to adjust to your hearing sensitivity and allow you to prospect better.

The popular Bounty Hunter brand makes its own line of metal detector headphones that can be used with all its models save for its Bounty Hunter Junior line. The Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones are meant to fit with the metal detector line and are adjustable like most standard metal detector headphones. It has an eight foot cord which works well with people of different heights, and this is one of the longest cords we have reviewed so far. One consideration that these headphones have is that these extend battery life, so that you can prospect for much longer without having to worry if the speakers drain your detector's batteries. The above point is important to consider whichever brand of metal detecting headphones you choose.

In choosing metal detector headphones, such as the Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones, there are some considerations we would like to discuss. The first is if it could pick up the different sound pitches connected with different metals the detector emits. Most detectors have controls for pitch, so you could properly calibrate your metal detector to hear for the different sounds at different ends of the spectrum. The chief consideration is if you could listen for those pitches properly. It is not a good pair of headphones if you could not hear the sounds well, and that is something important to consider. A good pair will allow you to adjust the volume so you could pick up different pitches accordingly and help you hunt better.

These headphones are meant for metal detectors of that brand, so if you have a Garrett metal detector, this one's for you. The Garrett Master Sound Headphones are metal detecting headphones that offer, like most of these headphones, full cup protection so you can pick up every sound. The headphones have a six feet long cord so that you can afford to carry around a metal detector without worrying about the length of cord you will need to manage as you go about treasure hunting. It has an adjustable and reinforceable head band so that it can fit your head properly without any worries. When we tried these headphones, adjusting them properly gave us a smug fit that allowed us to hear things without worrying about whether these would fall off our heads.

One feature we wanted to highlight is the dual volume adjustment control. Like most metal detector headphones, the Garrett Master Sound Headphones have separate volume controls for the left and the right ear. The reason is this: most metal detectors do not have volume controls, so it is best to make volume adjustments as needed. This avoids the problem of having an alarm or a screech blast through your headphones. These adjustments become more important if one ear is more sensitive to faint sounds than another, as is the case with one of our testers. By adjusting the volume in her left ear, she was able to hear more of the sounds she needed to hear when she needed to find coins at a beach.


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