Review Of The Best Metal Detectors For Sale Online

We review seven metal detector wands.

Facts You Must Know

Security is a top priority at any venue or place where large crowds of people are present. This is especially true at places like airports, stadiums, concert halls, beaches, or office buildings. What is crucial is that all access points are kept secure, and the key to this is having inspections for such things as weapons and other dangerous objects. Most of these items are made of metal, so it is logical that the best tool for the job is one device that can detect metal. These have to be compact and handheld so that the guards outside can do their work of inspection properly. These devices are called metal detector wands, or handheld metal detectors.

We have been using metal detector wands for years and we have had the chance to try several models. Some are made by top-of-the-line experts in the field, and others are relatively affordable ones that do the job just as well. What they all have in common are a few basic features, which we will highlight in places throughout this list, and these features make using a metal detector wand convenient and useful. We hope that the information we provide will give you the best possible information in choosing a handheld metal detector that suits your security or other needs.

This particular metal detector wand is meant for use with other metal detectors of a larger size, especially in the last stages of prospecting for smaller objects such as coins, rings, or other jewelry. It has several features that make it easy to use. For example, the single knob dial control not only powers up the device but also adjusts the sensitivity. Having sensitivity controls allows one to check for smaller objects with greater ease. The device has two alerts, an audible alert and a vibration alert. In this case, an audible alert is useful in situations where foot traffic or crowds are not an issue. A vibration alert, on the other hand, is useful in situations with heavy foot traffic and noise where having an audible signal may not be a good idea to have.

Usually, devices such as the Bounty Hunter Pinpointer are, as we said, used when the search for a particular object narrows to a smaller area. One recommended procedure is to start digging a hole and putting the clod on a nearby cloth. Once the clod is placed on an appropriate surface, one runs a search with the pinpointer first in the hole to check if the object is still there. Then the pinpointer is run through the clod to check if the object is in the soil that has just been dug up. The object may be in either place, so it is best to run that dual search. We thank you for reading this list and we hope that you will make use of these devices for whatever purpose they have been intended.

The Safebao Portable Security Hand Held Metal Detector is the last security metal detector wand we are reviewing in this list, and we also recommend it because of its affordability and reliability. The device uses only an audible alert, which as we said, is useful in situations where ambient noise and discretion is less of a concern and which provides an audible signal to the trained guard when weapons are discovered. It is sensitive enough to pick up a two millimeter steel ball, apart from other small objects such as razors, pocket knives, and guns. The device has an operating temperature of between minus 10 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius, making it useful in warmer environments apart from colder ones. This is one reason we recommend this handheld metal detector.

The Safebao Portable Security Hand Held Metal Detector operates on a low current of 50 milliamperes and is powered by a 9 volt battery. A recharging station for rechargeable batteries is of course sold separately. When we tested it in a warm room, we had about thirty participants with various small metal objects concealed inside their clothing walk past our detection station. We felt that this particular metal detector wand managed to do its job, as it was able to accurately pick out the various metal objects hidden by our participants, most notably weapons they were carrying in their pockets or beneath their shirts. This gives us reason to believe than even an affordable device like this is useful in most environments where inspections are required.

If you are looking for a metal detector wand that meets some of the most demanding and high standards, choose the Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector. This brand of metal detectors is the one most commonly used in airports and is certified by the National Transportation Safety Board for use in those locations. It is also used by US Secret Service agents to protect the President. Moreover, the Olympic security teams use this brand to inspect sports fans as they enter the stadium. A detector like this is most useful because it automatically calibrates for different weapon types, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and other metal objects, and it automatically resets with a push of a button. Such a key feature is why we recommend this device for security firms.

Like other metal detector wands, the Garrett 1165800 SuperWand Metal Detector is powered by batteries, and one good feature to have is the ability to use rechargeable batteries, often 9V ones. Rechargeable batteries have the advantage of not being disposable, thus making the environment safer with less possible mercury leaching out of disposable batteries. Most manufacturers, such as Garrett, sell recharging stations that allow for batteries to be easily recharged and ready to go. The downside of having rechargeable batteries is that after so many charging cycles, they may need to be replaced with newer ones. One other thing about this metal detector wand worth noting is that it is so durable that it has managed to survive certified drop tests and still works properly. This is still another reason for us to commend it.

One of several 'Generic' handheld metal detectors we are reviewing on this list, the GoerTek Portable Hand Held Metal Detector Wand offers simple features at a reasonable price. Like all metal detectors of its type, it has two ways of alerting users: an audible signal for less noisy venues or for venues where discretion is not required, and a vibrating mode for situations such as concerts with plenty of ambient noise and where it is easier for the guards to react if that mode is used. It operates on a frequency of 25 hZ, making it quite sensitive to smaller objects such as blades or smaller handguns. It can detect a handgun from a distance of around four inches, and a dagger from a distance of nearly five inches.

In order to preserve battery life, a device such as the GoerTek Portable Hand Held Metal Detector Wand may have indicators that tell the user when to charge the battery. This is true in the case of this device, which uses LED lights to do so. The green LED light indicates that the battery is fully charged and good to go. The yellow light indicates that the battery is undercharged and may need charging in the near future. The red light has two purposes: it indicates a low battery voltage and also signals the user that a suspicious object has been picked up. The device, moreover, operates between a temperature range of minus 15 to 45 degrees Celsius, allowing it to be used in below freezing environments outdoors in winter, for instance.

Are you looking for a simple but effective handheld metal detector? Choose the Pyle PMD38 Secure Scan Handheld Metal Detector Wand. The wand has LED lights that alert you to the presence of metal, thus allowing you to check further with a body search if needed. The device has two sensitivity settings, one of which allows one to check for smaller items with greater accuracy. The device operates at a frequency of 22 hZ, which is high enough to pick up smaller objects. It operates at a temperature range of between minus 20 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to operate it in relatively cold or warmer environments. We tested this in conditions close to the lower range of the temperature spectrum, and it worked quite well.

Most handheld metal detectors made for security purposes such as the Pyle PMD38 Secure Scan Handheld Metal Detector Wand have two kinds of alerts, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. One alert is the audible one, which gives a loud beep when metal is detected, and whose pitch and frequency could vary if a particular metal is found. This is often the setting used in most venues where ambient noise is not that loud and an audible signal is all that it takes for a trained guard to inspect further. However, there is also a vibration mode which is equally useful in settings where ambient noise is louder and where discretion might be necessary. The location determines what kind of alarm is most suitable for your needs.

We are reviewing several models from this prominent manufacturer of handheld metal detectors and one of these is one of two pinpointing metal detector wands that are being reviewed in this list. The Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector is meant for use at a beach or water environment where treasure hunting can be done. It is fully waterproof for up to ten feet, which makes it convenient to take into shallow waters in locations such as shipwrecks or known treasure hunting sites found beneath the waves. It has an orange color, which is universally known as a color of high visibility, so that you can use it under the water while being able to find it even if you let go of it temporarily.

Like most other metal detector wands, the Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector has three sensitivity settings. The settings, which are controlled by a switch, allow you to detect smaller items with heightened accuracy such as gold nuggets or coins. One advantage of a handheld detector such as this is that you can comb for smaller items at a beach without having to carry around a larger detector, and when you are ready to dig, you can use the conveniently located side scoop to help you get to the object faster. The range of detection is 360 degrees, which means you can use this to detect items from side to side without having to worry about missing a thing of small or immense value.

If you are looking for a handheld metal detector that can detect weapons from a slight distance, choose the UniquExceptional UHMD Hand-Held Security Metal Detector. The metal detector wand can detect a handgun from 11 inches away, a pen knife from six inches away, and a razor blade from four inches away. It has a holster with belt loop which allows you to easily carry this around any area while keeping your hands free, for instance, to perform a body search. It has a lightweight design and a comfortable handle so that you can use this for long periods of time especially when inspecting dozens of people at different locations such as schools or airports. The device has an optional rechargeable battery jack to make charging a 9V rechargeable battery much easier.

Metal detector wands such as the UniquExceptional UHMD Hand-Held Security Metal Detector usually have a sensitivity switch. The switch allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector especially in situations where you may need to have to look for weapons with more accuracy in higher security situations. This switch can be found on the control box, which often has other indicators and where batteries are usually located. The other parts of a handheld metal detector would be the shaft, the search coil and the stabilizer. The search coil is the most important part of the device because it performs the work of detecting for weapons. Usually, these coils are much smaller than those seen on larger metal detector devices such as those found elsewhere on this site.


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